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Saw a lot of people asking how to do it and I found a video that explains it pretty well. Have fun with it I guess lol
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Blackops 4 Super Speed Glitch

1. Join friend in multiplayer lobby and go to custom class 1 (or any class) and put on perk 2 gluttony and perk 2 greed

2. Tell your friend to go into custom games. Go to class 1 and put on those same two perks

3. Press start > copy class and hover over custom class 1

4. Tell your friend to back out. Once he does, the screen will glitch out and you can now select skulker in slot 1 of your perks

5. Repeat until you have 4 skulkers on the class

To activate in multiplayer either get a kill and double crouch or play SnD and it will allow you to go super speed at the start of every round
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