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Wowee is this a big one.. The Long Night Slipspace Pelican that Jorge comes in on was so taunting that its back was even open to us to see the inside, but there being an invisible wall in front of it, and given the lack of resources, this trick has been incomplete for ages.. until now.

The key to it was Armor Lock, and lots of Armor Lock. Making a physical corner out of players using the ability, we were able to setup a groundpound into the Pelican from above where there originally is no corner.

We hope you enjoy!

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L33CH (11-06-2018)
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Impressive Ponyo! Glad to see the challenge completed. I'm a huge fan of Halo and Termacious Trickocity (even when the upload hiatus kills me at times)

Love me some OOBs... nice to see this posted here
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Haha this is so cool. This is why I love the Halo community,
even a game like Reach that's almost 10 yrs old still has dedicated teams to finding stuff like this.
Every Halo game just seems like it lives forever.
Thanks for sharing man.
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Thank you folks! So pleased to see you're enjoying the videos.

They may take a while, but that's how we make sure they're of best quality we can produce. Thanks for being so patient and support nonetheless!
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