What should the next deal be?

10$ per Gold Gun
15.15% (5 votes)
175$ Recovery Dark Matter
21.21% (7 votes)
350$ Self Master Prestige
33.33% (11 votes)
40$ Diamond Camos
30.30% (10 votes)

Total Votes: 33

BO4XB1 Bo4 MP bot lobby! Epic Deals for whole days! 10$ a hour!Posted:

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Will match any self pay deal hmu.

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No Glitches, No Mods, No Hacks, right now anyway ;) lol

Blackout & Zombies Boosting is now available!
I'll sign into your account and work on stuff for you! Kill boosting is now available as well in blackout where I usually get at-least four kills a game and will ride around pick up every single paint can I can find for you. I am not exactly sure how to price this but I am thinking you can just pay me a set price per hour and let me get done what I can. Never wasting time and getting your camos as fast as possible while at the same time maintaining at-least 4 kills a game let me know if your at all interested

THESE OTHER GUYS JUST UNDERCUT ME and lie/mislead you, I will always give you my best and will always hook you up! Will match any deals! Ps. Your kill stats don't count in the snd lobbies but I bet they don't tell ya that ;)

**All day package is now availible! Not saying price in here due to others just undercutting me but it's very worth it! HUGEEE DEALLLL***

I get atleast 200 kills a game.
HMU don't be afraid to ask for a price.

I will do custom pre-made accounts for a little more as well as you can buy one of my bot accounts with 200+ Reserve Crates and they have MP prestiges from anywhere 1-3 just terrible kds, and barely any camos obvi.

Pm me for any other deals you need

Still will drop if needed on self pay, I just know I can prob do most stuff faster.

I will do deals if you get your friend to buy dark matter or master with you

30$ per any diamond class besides launcher! Self pay

30$ per prestige right now! Self pay!
7$ per gold gun self pay right now!
90$ dark matter self pay right now!
175$ recovery dark matter but I'm def negotiable on that.
200$ master prestiges self pay right now

150$ 125 master prestige levels

40$ All Headshots for Primary's
25$ all headshots for Secondary's besides laucher.
Please don't make me repeat the deal back to you via msg the price is on here for a reason
These are really low prices And will not be around long.

30$ OVERNIGHT ACCESS WHILE I SLEEP, UNTILL LOBBY CRASHES OR UNTIL I WAKE UP <3 if it's not at-least 4 hours in the lobby for you, I will give you the remaining time out of the three hours the next day or night <3

I accept paypal, cashapp, Venmo, Bitcoin, and a few other methods so don't be scared to hmu

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I don't host self pay for people with no mic, it's too difficult. I respect your decision to not buy a mic but everyone has a smart phone and can download the Xbox app so for now on I will not be accepting self pay orders from people with no mic. If you can't download the Xbox app for ten minutes to talk to me, and you don't have a headset, you probably should ask about recoveries!


Refunds happen very very rarely because I like when people send me the money as soon as you get in the lobby that way there is never a reason for one

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I can vouch for him. Was just in a few of his lobbies even took up the free trial game. Legit
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Wanna buy let me know man
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Could i get an invite to a trial game and possibly talk about custom pics, I am a graphic design student and figure we could both help each other out. gt: werdup15
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Look at this **** noob. Nah just kidding. Much love he's legit. We gonna run boosting soon ;)
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You still doing it I'm interested in buying
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Would you be down to do me a free trial? I can record a lobby if needed as well or even get screenshots for your proof for you.
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I'm interested, how do I get the trial game???? My gt is bxkers
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I'm intrigued seems fair, HMU looking to purchase bulk.

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