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New clan starting up here and we are just looking for some people that would like to join. more details below:

link to our forum page on the runescape website:

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please send me a PM if you have anymore questions!

We are a close-knit group who have been playing OSRS together for a year who decided that we should get together and help others enjoy the game just as we do because of the group.

We boss, skill, clue hunt, quest/achievement hunt, and and hang out.

Are you tired of playing solo, or perhaps getting ignored by all of the leaders in your massive clan? Do you need help learning how to do things in-game, or perhaps the motivation to actually accomplish those goals? Give us a shot and maybe you'll find a group that reinvigorates you to grind out that 99 runecrafting ;)

Curious about what it is that we're looking for in a member?

In order to join the clan, we ask that you have 1500 skill total, 75+ combat stats (or 85+ if lower in other areas), 100+ qp, or a combination of or greater achievements. If the requirements are too high for you to join, we can still accept you as a friend of the clan and would be happy to help you reach those marks.

Our ranking system is based off of how active you are in the clan, how long you've been in the clan, and how often you're willing to help others in the clan-- all promotions must be approved by the Higher Ups.
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