Ultimate TeamKeep Eriksen or do Gotze SBC?Posted:

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Question is in the title

Keep Eriksen playing CAM or do the SBC Gotze? Is he worth it?
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I have enjoyed using Gotze, but then its down to personal preference.
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if you sold eriksen, u should b able to do the sbc for the same amount whilst also getting 70k worth in packs as a reward.

in terms of which player to get, if you could fit him into ur team i'd get gotze - looks like a really solid cam. the only thing that would put me of is his stamina (77), but that's my personal preference which may not affect ur style of play. either way, nothing a 60 minute sub won't fix.

imo, if he fits ur team do it.
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I'd sell Eriksen and get Gotze. Played a few games with him and he's actually decent, not found the 77 stamina in issue either.
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