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I've just bought this game and really looking forward to playing it, Does anyone know how long the story is?

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Mikey (11-03-2018)
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However long it'll take you to do 110 missions. There's lots of traveling so take that into account as well.
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I have like 30hrs and I'm 37% on story progress
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I'm only on 57% on the story at the moment, and I've done about 60 hours of gameplay. That being said I've been doing (white) side missions, stranger missions, hunting, and messing around lol. So I'd say on average, if you just bang out all the (yellow) main story missions, your looking to complete the whole story in 40 - 50 hours maybe. Since chapter 3 I've only been doing main missions, as I want to get the story complete before Online multiplayer comes out in a few weeks.
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