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I was late putting this up I turned 5 years yesterday. It's been a fun ride and hope to have many more good years with y'all.

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Jimbo (11-05-2018), Saki (11-04-2018), Activez- (11-03-2018), Loke (11-03-2018), Mikey (11-03-2018), 40oz (11-03-2018)
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Congrats on 5 years
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Congratulations on being an awesome weeb for 5 years xox
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Grats Dusky on 5
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Congrat big milestone!!
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Says here your name is "DeathGrips"
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Nice job on staying here that long. Pretty soon you'll catch up to me.
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Congratulation on the five years man, many more where that came from.
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Nagisa wroteSays here your name is "DeathGrips"

I changed it at the request of @Potion lmao ill be back to dusky soon tho ;)
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Congratulations on being a 5 year member.
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