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It's a constant cycle for me, I wake up every morning regretting not going to bed earlier but always end up doing the same thing all over again every single night.

My phone is definitely the biggest issue and can never put it down at night.. like.. right now.

Anyone else have something specific they do at night that keeps them up late? Need to relate my pain to other people.
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For me its overthinking everything in my life, where I'm going, what I have done to get to this point, what I could have done better.

I believe one of the biggest lies is when people say they don't have regrets in life. It might be true for some people, but a lie to many others. Finding out what your purpose in life is and how your setting yourself up for how you will be remembered, or if you even will be remembered. I could say more, but it would just turn into a depressing post.

Many people probably think these things, but I can't help but let them weigh on me a lot. I've had a lot of setbacks in life, and it can be really hard to keep yourself out of the dark places that you've been before in your head. My main thing is just trying to find my passion in life, cause it seems like I can't finish anything or have a real interest/love for anything. That's what sucks the most.
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YouTube for me. For some reason I'm not able to just doze off while watching stuff on my computer which sucks. So if I want to fall asleep I have to be completely disconnected with the internet and just close my eyes.
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