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Hello all. I'm kinda new to the pc building world. I used to help build them back around 2003-2006 when xp pro was da bomb. I'm now getting into building my own gaming pc, and man has the pc tech changed. When it took 2 raid arrays ri make 2tb. Crazy. Anyway, how to get some good info on my build. I've already started. Hope to get to meet some of ya'll, and hope to be off some help... with old tech. Lol. Anyway I'll be on soon.

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Mikey (11-02-2018)
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Welcome to TTG! if you want to meet some people come join the Shoutbox
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Welcome , everything you need is here if not just ask
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Welcome to the site man. I'm sure your knowledge on older PC building will still be very useful to people here.
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Welcome to the tsite hope u enjoy it here
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Welcome to the site man, might wanna check out the PC section.
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