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i was just on ebay and seen a listing of a gaming pc it has bids on it and i was interested in looking at it i check the item description and the sellers talks about how he built the pc and then after that states word for word " you are buying pictures. not the actual pc just pictures. these pictures are amazing quality the pictures are printed off my PC give these pc pictures a try" it has bids of over $200 on it
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Lmao, that is amazing.
then after that states word for word " you are buying pictures. not the actual pc just pictures.

He is just trying to catch stupid people. Sure it's a scumbag thing to do, but if someone is stupid enough to buy something without the description, I wouldn't feel terrible

Survival of the Fittest.
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crying if someone buys that itll be funny watching them try to get their money back
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Usually there is a 100% guaranteed policy with ebay, which I don't agree with at all in some circumstances, obviously, I do in this situation.

I was selling some music hardware one time though, and I included that it doesn't come with the software it does from the retailer in the title and description, yet the seller continued to say I scammed him because it didn't have the software and I was ordered to refund him. Rather sell on Amazon lol
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what a guy lmao

who bids that much and dosent read the description
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I've seen this happen when the xbox one came out as well. People shelled out hundreds of dollars for what they thought was an xbox one but it was just a picture of it lol
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Not sure if it qualifies as fraud, but I believe you can open a case with Ebay if something like this happens.
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people do the same thing with Fortnite accounts &other items, they have pictures of it and in the description which not alot of people read, states it's a raffle and that there's however much of a chance to win.
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Not fraud just a really scummy thing to do I would further elaborate but the users above have done that already it's sad people do this type of thing though.
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It's not illegal.

Some dude did the same thing for the Supreme Pinball Machine.

Sold a printed piece of paper with a picture of it for $14k

Their fault for not reading item description
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