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I used to be crazy active on this site when the CoD4 infectables were at their most popular and stuck around for a while. Life got a bit crazy and I never found the time to return.

But a couple years later I'm comfy again and am planning on being active on TTG again.
That being said, I was a 15 year old HUGE CoD fan when i first joined here. I'm twenty and a father now! It's been a wild come up but i'm glad to be back

Hey again, TTG. Glad to be back. Gettiing gold again and more than likely doing a gold giveaway tomorrow since i'll be off work.


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Welcome back man. Good to see older users making a return! Happy Halloween
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Happy Halloween to you too! Welcome back to the forums, lots have changed since the CoD4 days. Hope you can manage to stay active!
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Welcome back mr 5 year member
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