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Basically I've woke up this morning with My Maddox at level 1 and has reset my kills with it ?

Anyone else have this problem and know how yo fix ? activision are useless on live chat and just told me to carry on playing basically
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Wouldn't reset them for no reason.
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Cardz wroteWouldn't reset them for no reason.

It's a glitch with the game, some of my challenges reset
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My buddy had this same problem! He was trying to go to level 1-2 right after prestiging and nothing would work, he quit playing for the night and the next day it just seemed to have fixed it self.

As for the reset.. you may have gotten a reset for a reason or been reported for boosting. Live chat will probably do more harm then good. Just going to have to grind all over again. Or buy your way there. Plenty of stickies with bot lobbies
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