GeneralWhat would you do if you did not have to work?Posted:

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What would you do if you did not have to work?

I think I wouldd get bored out of my mind I've been at home sick before for like a month. But if at home and don't have to work I sit and play video games , cook, watch tv etc.
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Spam TheTechGame all day.

Play Red Dead Redemption II all night.
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Grinding my ass on Black Ops 4, but I got work so I can't as much D:
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Play video games and spend time at the beach or in the woods.
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I would sleep. Hands down. In bed all day sleeping.
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If I knew I wouldn't have to work I'd probably stick to a sport and dedicate my time to being the best I could be at it. With school and all it's hard for me to play sports now but I definitely miss it.
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Focus way more on proper diet and my gains, with work it's so hard to maintain but pushing through
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With the assumption you mean we don't have to work because we are set for life financially. I would just stay busy as being home all the time would be boring so I would travel and go on vacations and if I have enough money I'd gift more gold and contribute to the site more.
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TTG alll day and maybe some red dead or fortnite lmao
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What Ever i felt like doing when ever i wanted to do it
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