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Hi guys. After a long look on here I finally managed to pay for a service to get a modded MW2 Lobby. not even 2/3 games after it I got placed into this guys lobby ROSIE169 and he kicks me out the game changed my rank from 9th to 10th and now I can't join a game or it freezes, create a class or it freezes etc etc. Restarted Xbox etc it's not making any changes. Anyway I can sort this etc? Ligit only got back onto Xbox today and bought the game today along with a lobby for it just to **** it and freeze? Thanks

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Rosie169 (10-31-2018)
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Get derank to fix your classes.
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Ummm yea they tried to derank me earlier. Only thing you can do is find a Modder on here who will derank you let you rejoin and get your level back.
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Yeah it's shit cause I ligit just got my level and everything I need join a public match and he/she does that. No like I joined his session etc? Will the derank thing work? As when it try's to merge into a game it also freezes to? Also just trying to find someone to do it. Not really wanting to pay again especially when I've just paid for one? Thanks
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I'm sure Someone Will TTG will help you out and derank you
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I'll help you, but normally it's just best to private message a seller on here.

Give me a few minutes and I will message you.
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