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Some people don't know about this little trick and it doesn't require you to upgrade you're camp

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lmao I don't think i've ever encountered this on YouTube before...

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This is such a great feature for sure, I use it all the time lol. But I must warn you guys, stay close to the TV, as if you go away for a whole 5 minutes, you could come back to see both your horse and you have been killed lmao. I used this mode when I went to take a shower lol, I come back to my TV, and see bounty's shooting me lol, I got rekt haha. So yeah, a little heads up if you guys use this. Fast travel is overrated anyway, as you only start of with I think 4 locations to fast travel to, and sucks you can't even fast travel to a way point. I just hope a waypoint fast travel option will be available later on in the story? All that being said, spending $580 is very expensive to unlock fast travel, especially if you want it early in the game. Anyways, thanks for sharing this mate, Me personally figured this cinematic mode out within the first few missions.
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