MilestoneBlind gifter - lets waste more money for more pixels soonPosted:

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Title says it all. An alcohol influenced Greg decided to hit Blind Gifter... i'm sure i will work towards the + variant over the coming pay checks

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@Sean you owe me rep, the fairy screwed me over ;-;

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Fielding (11-16-2018), Adam (10-29-2018), 40oz (10-28-2018), Mayburrry (10-28-2018), Mikey (10-28-2018), ChxsenLobbies (10-28-2018), Cray (10-28-2018), Lood (10-28-2018), Brigand (10-28-2018)
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Congrats dude! I hope to get there soon myself
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Congrats on purchasing the pixels to add to your collection.
Gotta prep those paychecks of yours when the time comes.
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Congrats! I'm 6/25 so I'll get there 1 day
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Congrats on the new badge
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Congrats on the badge man, thank you for the gifts.

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Congratulations on more pixels.
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Naughty Greg, love you loads
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Congratulations man. Thanks for giving to the community
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Congrats on the new badge
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