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It has come to my attention I've achieved 1k news comments. Now this was really hard due to so many of them being done on mobile, and I hate using my phone.

Every1 spam kappa in they chat!!

Thanks to everyone

The Following 9 Users Say Thank You to AhriIsHOMO For This Useful Post:

coolbunny1234 (11-01-2018), James (10-31-2018), 40oz (10-30-2018), Dusknoir (10-30-2018), Tom (10-29-2018), Sag (10-28-2018), Mikey (10-28-2018), Maze (10-28-2018), Anime (10-28-2018)
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  • Halloween!
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Been watching you get closer and closer for some time now, glad to see you get your new badge

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Congratulations! Welcome to the club, and yeah it is very time consuming.
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Give your self a pat on the back

im gay for you

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Awesome that's dope badge man
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Congratulations bro
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Congratulations big guy, see you on the Live Chat tonight!
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  • Winter 2018
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You must read a lot of news
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Wow! Congrats on 1,000!
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Congrats on the new badge
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