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Found a trick my self not seen on youtube as far as im aware if some one has done this before let me know credit will be uo were is deserved but when going for diamond launcher all you need is to get it gold and auto diamond

1 challange is destroy 25 tac deploy beacon / razor wires or baricades i have noticed on hc dom when i destroy my team mates it counts towards the challange but not always i destroyed 5 team mates razor wire and baricade in total but only 4 went onto my challange it does not count if you choose torque or seraph it has to be a team mate that is that person soo think about it if enemy has torque and seraph active and your team mates do aswell this challange will be so easy i went from 7 to 19 in one game because of my team mates and enemy just a little trick for you guys help out get a challange faster any other tricks with wepons or any challange for that matter please post below here
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I told my friend it worked like that, i didn't know that it was a teammates, i thought you could destory yours, there was a challenge last year to EMP a specialist ability off someone, you'd just use cloak and throw a emp at yourself and you'd get it done.

Appreciate the post though, it'll be easy to get regardless, so many campers in tdm, especially on summit.
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