Ultimate TeamAnyone else getting ridiculous luck?Posted:

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This fifa has been insane for me. Packed Kante and Erikson the other day.

Then today out of two SBC packs and 1 rare gold players pack I got pogba, courtois, IF mahrez and IF lewandowski. In total got 1 million which is ridiculous considering I normally don't get anyone good - anyone else got good luck?
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I pack no one so no. I opened all the 50k packs and not a single walkout
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i opened 9sbc packs and got stones :l
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done all the sbc and spent a ton of money on fifa points and best i've got is IF Hulk and IF Bailey the rest have been way under 100k.
My Pack luck this year has been beyond dreadful compared to the amount I've spent.

Edit: Apart from league ones and icon ones obviously.
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I opened 1 50k pack and got Pele, its pretty insane
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I'm yet to have much luck. Got OTW Lemar at the start but nothing since.
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