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I'm so hyped to see Jon Jones return he's a great fighter but I'm more hyped to see Nunes vs Cyborg because they are both animals and have been tearing apart their own divisions, so it'll be interesting to see them square off.

What are your predictions and what fight are you most looking forward to?

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Nunes Cyborg is tricky, Cris has been f'ed around so long by UFC.

Awesome to see Jones on a card again but.. Did we really need Jones Gustafsson 2?
I cant be the only one that wanted to see this card headlined by Lesnar v Jones...
Although I understand not wanting to push Jones into a "super" fight and getting him the title first.
That way they can have Cormier v Lesnar and have the undisputed champions fight assuming Jones and Lesnar both win. (Would Jones even be undisputed? lol)
Underrated fight on the card in Penn v Hall, those dudes are going to try and rip eachother apart.
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It should be a good fight. Their last fight was really good.

Pretty stacked card should be a good one!
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WhiteBoiSebbie wroteYet another fight.

Still no CM Punk.

Why should he get another fight? There's 8 fighters in his division that deserve whatever petty fight they'd give him.

I think he's proven he has no future in MMA especially at his age. It's a young mans game and he's on the wrong end of it.

Now if he'd just quit postponing that WWE return so his return doesn't end up like Sting's, that'd be great
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The whole card ain't bad but this should be one hell of a fight AGAIN!
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Jon Jones will win by decision
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