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Hello TTG members for the last time! Well I had a great time here in the past it's been great knowing you all and I will miss all of you that welcomed me on here and been kind to me. First off these are the specific members I will miss the most:

You three have always been kind and helpful when I needed it! My reason for leaving is simply I see that this site is very segregated when comes to Xbox and PlayStation and since I don't own and Xbox anymore do to lack of exclusives and the whole child friendly thing with the messages and content ruined it completely especially with random ban hammers when I play a match on backwards compatibility games just cause I was in a modders game that made me switch the most and trust me when I say have a 10 year account on Xbox so yeah it's my own opinion but anyways sad truth is that this community is amazing but the fact is that I would say about 90% of this community is Xbox only and I don't like how the few PlayStation members on here have to post on the PlayStation forum for modded lobbies (Which is console segregation) on COD which takes sometimes days or even a week until someone joins the lobby. I mean to say this in a respectful way guys and gals cause everyone on here is very kind 99% of the time! I want to say thank you for the great memories back when I joined 7 years ago on April 22nd. This is very tough for me but I got to move on. P.S there is no forum specifically for this so I posted it on here I hope it's okay!
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Take care man.

TTG will always be here if you ever decide to come back.

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Aww man don't leave.

Gaming is just another part of the website, your TTG family will always be here regardless of what platform you play on.

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Its because xbox is better... jk Cya man
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It's not console segregation, it is to make the site more organized so it's more like console seperation

Sorry to hear bud, TTG will always be a home for ya if you ever want to come back!
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Rethink your decision homie!
TTG is far more than just console content.

You joined on my birthday, btw.
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Well thank you for you contributions and good luck! We just might avtually see you come back
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Hope you decide to come back sometime bro... TTG is more than just a gaming site, its pretty much family to
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Thank you everyone for caring I appreciate everything you guys are saying to me! Will I ever return? I don't think so to be honest at this moment but I would like everyone of you to have a great life and to always remember you can be anyone you want to be, don't let people tell you different!
All of you will be family always.
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Hey man. Everybody's gotta quit sometime. It's been cool seeing here. Good luck in your future buddy.
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