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Was given an iphone 5c from my friend and restored it to get to an activation lock. I asked him what the email and password was for his icloud and he doesn't know he made a new once since hes had this iPhone. So now im stuck with a partially working iPhone. Is there anything i can do myself to get passed this or can i bring it to at&t or somewhere to possibly have it reset?

All help is appreciated.
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Without knowing the account information, the only way to get passed the iCloud lock is by having receipts of the phone. If you have payment receipts, proof of phone purchase, etc. you should be able to take it to Apple, explain to them what happened, and they should fix it for you. Not sure if you phone providers can do something like that so you'd be better off giving them a call to verify before going in.
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Put the iPhone into DFU mode and restore it under a new iCloud account
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