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Sup TTG.

I haven't been on this website for at least 4 years and it's good to be back!

*EDIT* Wow, just seen I am an 8 year member!

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Welcome back og

Congrats on 8 long years by the way.

See ya around.
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Welcome back to TTG, it's a great community
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Nice to see an OG make a return, a lot has change in the 4 years you have been away. So hit me up if you need any help with anything.
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Welcome back my guy. Hope you're here to stay!
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Welcome back man good to see ya
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Welcome back!
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8 year member okai okai... welcome home
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Welcome back homie, Can not wait to see you hit 9 years man, I will soon be at 8 year right next year I will tho.
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Welcome back! See you around the forums & sb
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