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What's your favorite time of day?

I'd say line is around 3 PM to 4 PM when the sun is still out but it's sill mid afternoon.
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10pm onwards. I love the night idk why. Clear skys at night are the best.
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the sun and light when its like 2 to 5 in summer in the uk it just looks amazing but cos im a nerd some times I be waking up after lmao
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Definitely night time less people to deal with lmao
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Either early in the morning or very late at night.
Less people, less noise, very comfortable times to relax.
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About 5:30AM is my favourite time, less people in the gym, less traffic on the roads, and a nice brisk morning.
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The night time in general is my favorite time.
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Bed time.

If it's dark, I'm sleeping.
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Night time
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