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do you enjoy
Going outside more?

this is an obvious gaming for me but i do enjoy going outside every now and again

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Gaming for sure on this one
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gaming ever since like highschool tbh before then it was outside for sure.
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depends what im doing and who im with.

if im alone id probably rather kick it and play some games
but ig im with the homies id rather chill
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Game unless the weather in nice lol
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Game, unless I can ride my dirtbikes or motorcycle.
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Personally I like going outdoors more and having fun while offroading, mudding, etc... but i still do love to game and get my kd up on some games lol
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depends on the outside activity, i enjoy working on my car/detailing my car more than gaming but i enjoy gaming more than anything else tbh
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Depends on the circumstances, but usually gaming.
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Would have to say gaming!
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