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is this nice?

please comment and don't be rude.

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The general concept is nice, looks simple, clean, but yet stylish.

However, the issue is the quality. The text, "Abnormal Gaming" seems grainy and as if something is wrong with it. And the rest of the logo feels a little blurred, like it is not to the best quality it could be.

Other than that, I would personally make the text, "Abnormal Gaming" lay out horizontally underneath the logo and in larger text (with a smaller logo). But, you have done a wonderful job thus far.
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I think it looks pretty decent in general
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thank you guys for your feedback its much appreciated
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It looks alright. Looks a bit blurry though and like Kara said the name is a bit off.
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Constructive criticism can sometimes be conveyed as rude, I suggest merely taking advice from more senior designers with a grain. I definitely advise avoiding Gaussian blurs, or anything that can really distort your logo; you want your logo to be prevalent and conveyed in an enticing manner. Additionally, it seems as though you've uploaded this in a jpeg file format, I strongly advise against that, as jpeg is a lossy file format; you should look towards utilizing png, or even web-vector formats, depending on what the logo is being utilized for.
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