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Okay so over the last few days I've gained quite a few milestones of mine, big thanks to the staff of TTG with running this and everyone in the shoutbox who has been gifting gold and summoning that fairy.

But I achieved the following

Shoutbox Hero
Shoutbox Hero +
1000 rep

I've also came close to gold gifter as I'm only 2 away from it now so keep an eye out for either a giveaway or jump into the shoutbox for some gold maybe

Also Wizard is the best and you should all gift him

The Following 5 Users Say Thank You to 4321coolbunny For This Useful Post:

Mikey (10-13-2018), Maze (10-12-2018), Xbox (10-12-2018), Jimbo (10-12-2018), Cardz (10-12-2018)
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So jealous on shoutbox hero badge, looms neat! Congratulations on all your milestones.
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Welcome to the club with shouterbox hero + and keep it up the good work
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Congrats on all your milestones.

Good luck with reaching Gold Gifter.
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Congrats on all the achievements, Orca! Glad to see you achieve so much, so quick!
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Congratulations on all those milestone fam, had a good week for sure.
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