FalloutFallout 76 looks amazing!Posted:

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I honestly started crying when i heard of the release date of this. ive always wanted a multiplayer Fallout to explore the wasteland with my friends. Ive always wanted this from Bethesda, for years. The crafting, PVP, no griefing, use of nukes, etc make this game sound crazy good! Im really ready for the release of this, i might never see the sun again though ;)

Whats your thoughts, good or bad.
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I've never been a huge fan of the Fallout series for some reason. However, I do have friends that are pumped for its release. I hope it is better than expected for all fans!
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It looks good!
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It sure does!

and its online which makes it 10x better always wanted a fallout online game.
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It's looks really really good! From what I read tho it's not really played like any other fallout so there will be some major differences.

Still excited to play tho
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