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Ok guys so the grind to 1k is finally done. Today I logged in and saw that i had 300 rep, and then grinded out to 1k posts and it feels real good dudes
On top of all of that, I also got Shoutbox+

Thanks list
Lode for being one of the first people I talked to when I got back
Nasyr and YoungBoyNBS for gold gifts
Staff for running an excellent website
The rest of you for making this place my home for the last 7 years. Even tho I wasn't active for all 7 of those years, I still love you all

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Congrats man! Working my way up there as well!
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Congratulations on the 1,000 posts! Many more to come and good luck for the future milestones!
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congrats bro, I cant wait till i hit 2500 posts and 3k rep
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Congratulations bro you've been smashing it lately!
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Congratulations on accumalating 1000 posts, something I wish to achieve in the near future. Best of luck with you future milestones
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That's an awesome post/rep ratio, congrats! I definitely haven't been as active in the duration I've had this account. But it seems in the years I took off, everybody's rep shot WAY up and mine stayed low haha
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Congrats on the 1k Post fam!

Many more to come this 2018
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Yah nah mean congrats sisters
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Congrats on 1k bruh
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