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Well idk what to say the SB is frickin lit and giving me these milestones every day.

Thanks to everyone in there and be sure to check it out if you arent in there. Its lit all day everyday.


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GG on 700 rep m8
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Oh baby! Congrats, 400 is my next rep stop but I am VERY close to becoming a rainmaker which I am excited for Keep up the grind dude and see you at 1k
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Congratulations man! Remember when I reached my first 100th and I think you were at the range of 120-140 and you said "oh man if you pass me @Polaris-" lol anyways congratulations buddy, I'll be expecting more milestones and I know you'll be ahead of me again ;)
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congrats bro, Well achieved hope to see you hit more milestones!
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