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So on monday I logged in quick during my intense homework session to take a break and I only had 75 rep. Done with all my work now so I logged back in and saw the rep fairy gave me a visit with an utterly massive amount of rep

I would like to thank:

PPI, who is now Luna, for no particular reason... just thanks
My gold gifters Nasyr and YoungBoyNBS
Literally the rest of you

See y'all at my next milestone, 1000 posts

The Following 3 Users Say Thank You to Lood For This Useful Post:

Xbox (10-13-2018), Mikey (10-13-2018), Cardz (10-11-2018)
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Congratulations on 300 reparoos mate
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Congrats buddy. See you at 1k
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Congrats man
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Congrats baby, here have some more rep
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Congrats man!
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Congratulations on the 300 rep bro.
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Grats see you at 500 soon
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