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When i was in 6th grade i got my first Xenon Jtag and absolutely loved it.

I would host lobbies for friends all the time and we had lots of fun.

Now, I am older working daily while attending College. I was wondering, is it the same method as when i was younger when hosting lobbies?

Sorry if it doesn't make sense, but i don't want to purchase a Jtag and be completely confused and never use it.

Thank you so much, feedback is much appreciated!!

I am looking to purchase one off of a verified seller on TTG. Any suggestions !?
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Not a lot has changed at all, if you can copy and paste and have half a brain then you can use a JTAG.
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The main thing that has changed over the years is you can't really make money like you could back in MW2 prime days. Another thing is the way you connect to xbox live. Instead of having to buy a KV that would last any where from 1 minute to a few days you now download a stealth server and your KV will last weeks if not months. A lot of it depends on the server you get. I use xbOnline and have been using my current KV for 3 weeks. Some claim they have been on the same KV for a year+ but remember, font believe everything you read.
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If you use ninja or sometimes teapot, your of can last a year easily but yeah you're right, xbonline won't last anywhere close to a year
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