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Along with getting 1k rep, Shoutbox Hero and Shoutbox Hero Plus; with this post, marks my 4,000th post on TTG in 7 years since making the account and close to 2 years ago was when I actually became active.

I really liked browsing the Forums and spamming (with actual content, not just "Grats on this!") on all the subjects which I found interesting to me. Sadly, my activity on TTG has died down due to college, work and multiple other situations. Oh, and also an atmospheric monster that caused my island of Puerto Rico to be without electricity for 6-7 months (full island re-powered) and close to 3,000 people died (not due directly to Maria's hurricane effects but also what the aftermath brought onto the island).

Here are some of my "stats":
340 thanks received on 223 topics made.
2,305 useful posts, 71 unuseful posts. (32.46% useful-to-unuseful ratio)

For those who may not know me or recognize me, I was known before as:
And quite a few other usernames I can't possibly remember at the time.

Thank you all for taking the time to read about my 4,000th post, another milestone I've achieved on TTG. Hopefully, one of my posts doesn't get deleted and ruins this completely for me.

The Following 4 Users Say Thank You to uwu For This Useful Post:

Mikey (10-21-2018), Ahri (10-18-2018), MrMw209 (10-11-2018), Zesri (10-11-2018)
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Glad to see you have your priorities straight and I'm so sorry about the things you've had to endure. With that said, congratulations on still reaching 4k posts! That is awesome, can't wait to see you hit 5k some day!
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Huge congratulations on the 4000gh post buddy big milestone. Guess 5k is even bigger
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Grats on 4k posts bro keep it up

And a big well done to all the gifters
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Congrats on all those posts man, nice to see a member so hella active.
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Congrats on posting on 4k post my man, that's a lot
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