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I have the gamertag Lip BaIm (capital i) Is this even semi og? Ive looked on other og tag sites and ive seen nothing but random 4 letter tags. lmk what you think.
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To be honest, I personally don't like the tag, I wouldn't consider it Semi-OG
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I'd consider it a decent tag . Nothing too OG but it's nice
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I see a lot of gamertag's get sold everyday, to be quite honest I don't think this is considered a semi. Although it is pretty cool, you're only gonna be able to get $5-$15 for it if you're lucky.
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Worth nothing, especially as it would be a capital i, not an L.
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If it's not spelled correctly, it's not worth much.
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Guess it looks ok when you first join a lobby until people find out it's spelled wrong, either way I'm sure some nerd will buy it out there if you go to get rid of one day, I mean they already buying random 4 letters and l33ts
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