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ForzaTutorial for Goliath Race Might Help youPosted:

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Do need 2 people!!

Steps to a great 5.8 million ish and 1 million influence doing this almost 30 second glitch.
Long steps With more Detail

1) Go to any Circuit race if not past level 20 best one to do is the Road racing to unlock the Goliath race but can do any of them Dirt, Cross Country ect. (Note: You don't need to be host so if you have someone that has the goliath and your past the Horizon roaster then you will almost instantly get level 20 on the Road racing to get goliath unlocked.

2) Change Your Difficulty settings so you have a 120% Difficulty Bonus CR this is how to you get above 5 million CR. Also tip buy a Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Forza Edtion it is Influence Boost.

3)Now that you have your settings go to what ever race your doing make sure you do PVP and its for just your Convoy create blueprint , anything goes I do S1 but do what ever you like then after your done go edit the Blue Print and change it to 50 laps and teams on. Teams ON is like the whole reason it works so make sure it is ON. Start Your custom blueprint Can name if you want!

4) Now your friend that is in your convoy joins the race once it loads up he just drives across the finish line then just leaves and you will instantly win the race and there you go cheers!!!!

Short Steps less detail
1. Find circuit race you want/ Goliath
2. have friend join convey
3.start with pvp then make blueprint
4. Anything goes do any class you want
5. edit blueprint after setup
6. set to 50 laps and turn teams ON
7.start race friend drives across the finish then leaves

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Was doing this last night and worked a charm.
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nice one for this m8
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does anyone wanna do this? i need someone with goliath.

GT: Black Jesus6669
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