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Hello citizens of tech game, I am here to post yet another Milestone! Today we've reached 3000 rep, crazy number and i'm glad I have made it too this number.

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here it is in all it's glorious action, thank you fairy for your spooky visits, and for the users who gifted me gold I appreciate that.

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Here is a screenshot of my last rep milestone, which as you can see wasn't too long ago! But now your boy has just cheese blocks and I can't complain about those.

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The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to Spencer For This Useful Post:

Ahri (10-10-2018), Nick (10-10-2018)
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Not again..

Congratulations Spencer.
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Congrats homie!
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Congratulations, Lord Spencer.

Well deserved Reputation.

Good job.

You are a god.
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Lord Spencer, you've come a long way since our joint Camster account.

Proud of you

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jk just kidding gg spencer
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