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Could anyone recommend a good headset for gaming mainly call of duty?
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Im currently selling a pretty decent mic in the gold area for cheap. turtlebeach 420 stealthx its wireless and really good sound you can change the game volume and party chat indipendendtly
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(you can find additional information about
this product by clicking the link above)
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- Xbox Wireless

- Windows Sonic Surround Sound

- Bluetooth Connectivity

- Glasses Friendly

- Independent Game & Chat Volume Control

- Powerful 50mm Speakers

- Dynamic Chat Boost

- Active Noise-Cancellation

- Microphone Monitoring

- Turtle Beach's Superhuman Hearing

- Audio Presets
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Astro a10
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Either a pair of astros or the turtle beach stealth 700
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mw3modder wroteCould anyone recommend a good headset for gaming mainly call of duty?

Astro a50s are the best ones for your buck
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I suggest the turtle beach x31 best gaming headphones for xbox, I had them for a long time I like them cause it's good for hearing footsteps and so on and such. Any of them will do but that's the best ones I've personally have had
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