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Due to this crazy ass night in the shoutbox, I have managed to hit 5k. I log on to TTG and see a shit ton of wall posts, about the fairy being pissed as a fart and repping tons of rep. However, I was only an hour late, and I just killed it. I was happy to take part in the gifting and managed to do a quick 41 gifts before my card was blocked lol. Would like to thank everyone else, who also gifted in the shoutbox.

See you at 6k in a few hours Mortar lmao

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Big congrats bro!
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That's absolutely crazy man, congrats.
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Congrats bro thanks for all the generous gifts
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Thank you for all the rep mikey!
Congrats on 5k dude
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Wow rep boosting I see, thanks for the gifts of gold in the SB the other day on the real note Mikey. Adding money to Sean's Bank Account I see but I don't care about that but what I'm worried about is that you were a web cam model and made £3K a week that's interesting. haha
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thats sick dude congrats!
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Congrats on 5K Rep mikey, quite the milestone!
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The only dude to throw money away for a damn pixelated block.
Probably bought moderator at this point.
Well played.
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Holy shit thats insane dude!!!
I'll have a purple block someday cx
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