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I got shoutbox milestone tonight aswell as like 3-4 other members due to nonstop gifting thanks everyone I love you all yeet Cent is fat

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Mikey (10-10-2018), TTG (10-09-2018), Sag (10-09-2018), Ye (10-09-2018), Mortar (10-09-2018)
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Wow, how could the fairy be doing this! Congratulations on the milestone glad too see more members hitting this ranking.
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Congrats bro! ME too!
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Super dope. Congrats my dude
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im part of the cool club too now

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Congratulations on getting shout box hero.
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Congratulations on both milestones mate, what an epic night it was lol.
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Congratulations on sb hero looks like everyone's got it now
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