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Happy 21st to me. Well, it was on the 8th but I've been on a messy one since so it's technically the same day, right?

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Didn't really wanna post this but apparently 21 is a big 'un so gimme that rep

Might be a good reason for a name change Thoughts?

Also just noticed I'm a 5 year member as of the 5th, wow. Where did the time go. Here's to 5 more, even if I don't post nearly as often lol.

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Happy 21st my man! I hope you have a great day and don't feel too bad when you wake up in the morning!
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Happy 21st birthday, 13. Hope you had a great time while celebrating.
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You only turn 21 once man live it up. Your younger years are so important
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Happy 21St bro hope you have a good one
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happy 21st bro have a gr8 day and night
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Congrats on your 21st birthday, just had my 22nd and I feel like an old man as well.
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Happy birthday, mate, hope you had a lovely day.
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Happy birthday bud.

Bit late but whatever.
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