Forum GamesGuess the next users hair color, ok go.Posted:

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Go a head first person who posts and guess mine.
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Blonde. would the next person guess mine or the following persons?

Do I have to guess their too?
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I'm gonna guess brown
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Nope. Blonde.

Ill guess red.
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xeIa wroteNope. Blonde.

Ill guess red.

Wrong. I have brown hair.
I'll guess brown.
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  • E3 2019
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I bet he's bald m8
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Nope Brown,

I'll get black
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  • Summer 2019
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I'll guess brown
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wow ur right for the next hour im dying it black ggggf

ur hair color is DIRTY BLONDE :-)
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hannie wrotewow ur right for the next hour im dying it black ggggf

ur hair color is DIRTY BLONDE :-)
It's actually black haha I'll guess brown next.
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