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  • E3 2017
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GTA V Money Lobby!

Q) How do I join the money drop?
A) Add me and wait for an invite, you can try to join my session without an invite, if it doesn't work let me know

Q) Is there a chance of me getting banned after collecting modded money?
A) No, there is not! The only way You can get banned is by the reporting system. Just be sure You won't report Yourself

Q) What do You offer in free lobbies?
A) 2.5k money bag drops.

Q) Can You give RP / drop more bags /drop bags with more amount of money?
A) Sadly no.

1. Do not bank money
2. do not spend money in lobby
3. Enable Passive Mode
4. Do not get a wanted level
5. You send the friend request
6. Once the lobby has ended you must remove the dropper

Current Social Club "Harfarino"

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