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KonoSuba is a kinda short anime with only 10 episodes but there is another season with another 10 episodes and 2 OVAs so in total 20 and on top of that there is also a movie coming this year. KonoSuba is about a high school student that dies on his way back from buying a game. he awakings in a place with a goddess named Aqua she gives him two choices go to heaven or be reincarnated in a fantasy world and of course as a gamer, he chose to be reincarnated he gets to choose one person to join him and he flips it on Aqua and chooses her XD. Anyway i did enjoy the series i thought it was well made and pretty funny so if you just like comedy shows based in a fantasy this is definitely a show for you the characters were hilarious the animation was beautiful so definitely give it a shot and come on who wouldn't want to watch a show with a cutie like this

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id give the show a 6 out of 10.

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Yet another exquisite anime review of a knee slapper classic every weeb should see. As expected of you, sasuga Loke-sama!

Does it have good animation? no. Well how about the story? Abysmal. Megumin? yes

not as good as Akame ga Kill tho
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