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Hiya everyone with the upcoming hype of black ops 4 I really want to make a small community of people who play with eachother on XBOX and when clan stuff comes to black ops 4 we can all compete and get the exclusive skins etc

I currently have about 4 people who would like to join, We don't have a name currently so taking recommendations as well as people who want to play. You don't have to be great at the game just happy to help out and be enthusiastic

I will get someone to make us a little banner and then I will make a proper thread and a discord aswell as an xbox group so we can all stay in contact I really want this to happen

so far we have left with be the TTG name and right will be the xbox tag

Dabz - Couserfam - uk

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I'd join for sure bro
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im interested but idk for sure yet... ill let you know. imma be playing with some friends and dont wanna just bail on them but if they stop playing ill for sure join
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am here for the free post, that is all. am Out.

Sike, I will be down depending on how each gamemode plays, although will update you more when I get a full for the game ;)
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