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Hey guys. I am new to modding. My RGH just came in yesterday. I set up XeX Menu, Dash Launch, 360 Neighborhood, and bought stealth with XBOnline. I am trying to play MW2 with a different mod menu than the one XBOnline provides, but even when I turn MW2 Cheats off on XBOnline, the mod menu still comes up. Additionally, a lot of the features do not even work on the menu. The menu also only works when I am hosting a private match, not in a public match or others' private matches. Another problem I am running into is I consistently get signed off while playing and I get a message saying my account was last played on another console.

Can someone give me some tips on how to turn the XBOnline menu off, how to load my own menus, and how to stop getting disconnected?

I also don't have the actual game installed as I am running a disc. Could this be the problem? Thanks
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Hello, I responded to your other topic here: Forums/p=40223324/rgh-need-help-g...l#40223324
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