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i wouldnt mind having 2 kids

i feel like it would be enough.

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I have one step daughter and she 3 years old now, been with her since she was just 4 months old. Planning on having a kid of my own next year, and ima adopt my little girl after we get married. Wouldnt want more than 2 kids though.
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-5 i hate kids all they do is cost u money and make everything sticky smh
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My cap hit is 3 lol cause I have a son and a little girl on the way and children are amazing, it's a roller coaster ride through out their growth and having memories of them is beautiful!
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I would like 2-3 kids.
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I think I want 2 kids mainly because its the perfect amount. Any more is too much of a crowd and way too demanding from my part.
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At the current point in my life, I dont want kids because I wanna be free. But maybe later on in life I will want one
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In a few years, I'd like to have kids. Most I'd have is 2, everything after that number would just be an accident.
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None, I also do not want a relationship of any kind, so it all works out.
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