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Hey guys! So before I just blast my link to my stream I want to give you a idea of what the stream consist of. also a little about me as well.


Im a 21 Year old in the army who streams and lives life on my free time. I also work out. I been streaming off and on for about 2 years before i decided that i really miss streaming and now im taking it serious. Im very outgoing and have a chill vibe if you were to ever talk to me. I play mostly XBOX One but do PC Game as well. What game do i stream? Mostly COD, soem fortnite and any new game that comes out that i like, Like red dead 2 or other new games comign out.


The stream constist of a growing great community. I play with all viewers on any game. You can come by chat it up with me about literally anything. I talk alot on my streams so people discussing new topics and questions for me i love it. I want you guys to feel like at home and a real community. I also do giveaways. Im thinking about doing a giveaway when we hit 2,000 Followers. Prob a free Game or somthing.

If you guys could stop by check it out and tell your friends it would be amazing! Im also looking for some dedicated MODS. PM if your interested! Thanks guys!

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