Ultimate TeamAnyone else just have abysmal pack luck????Posted:

  • E3 2018
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I have spent my day doing SBC's on various accounts.

I have opened 375k worth of packs

3 x 50k
5 x 45k

and my highest rated and also most valuable player pulled is Brahimi, other notable players include:


And EA wonder why people buy coins rather than get straight up scammed lol
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  • Winter 2017
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You got bummed... i get nothing but good packs sorry m8
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  • V5 Launch
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I've not even opened many packs and I've had amazing luck

Aubamayang - 300K
Champions League Neuer - 250k
Varane - 180k
Jesus - 50k

There's been quite a few others too!
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  • Blind Luck
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I'm in the same boat and have been with every fifa tbh
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Same thing here, tried some sbcs because people rant and rave and still not had anyone even close to being known.

Packs are full of shit always have been always will be
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  • E3 2017
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Ive had bad luck this year. Just sold my team and made about 200k . We take the time to get the best out of the weekend league, div rivals and squad battles and still end up with crap packs.
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