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Completely forgot about this website for a few years. Mainly used it back when I played COD haha.

Has the site grown or is it starting to die down?

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If anything it has grown buddy, far better than it use to be.
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The site is still pretty active if you ask me! Welcome back man hope to see you around the site!
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It's grown!! I feel still very active!!! Welcome back!!
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lots of actives but lost some pretty sexy people
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Welcome back man!

And personally I would say this site keeps growing everyday! Other people may have different opinions but I would say otherwise.
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Welcome back to the site mate, hope to see you stay active now.
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Welcome back and it's actually gotten better
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I'd say it's still growing. It's a lot more than just lobbies but those forums are still around too. Hope to see you around more and welcome back!
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It has slowed down a little as in active members but the website stays on top of new content and downloads, etc.

Hope to see you become more active!
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