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Basically who you guys think is the best gk in the bpl like OP wise not rating?

was looking at hugo, apparently hes solid

thoughts ?
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I use Leno from Arsenal, 84 rated and IMO he's solid!
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De gea is decent, yeah he's 91 rated but I can never seem to get past him.

Another I think would be Kepa, used him quite a lot recently. Very good all round keeper.
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Pickfords diving is unreal, but I was using Edison for his kicking, good balls up.

But for diving, not even because I'm an Everton fan, I have Courtois and pickford was a better diver.
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kepa seems to be unstoppable whenever i play against him
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Leno is sick, been told good things about kepa aswell, best thing is they are both relatively cheap
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Kepa is decent, Alisson is shocking dives about 5 minutes after the ball has crossed the line.
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Ederson is like a Cat.
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Ive got Kepa and hes class
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I have been using ederson for a while, cant say nothing bad about. Been solid for me
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